What We Do


Steadfast in our commitment to educate and set standards for best practice, Higher Score remains as a trusted partner in the industry. 

Customized Solutions

Customization is the fundamental key to Higher Score’s track record of result-driven measurable success. No two people or their goals are alike. A solution tailored to the unique needs of each individual are paramount to their success.

Error Resolution

 Higher Score understands the frustration reporting errors cause.  Examples of situations clients can correct themselves include:

  • Outdated Information
  • Duplicate Accounts
  • Student Loan Mirroring
  • Unauthorized Inquiries
  • Bankruptcy Account Misrepresentation
  • Identity Theft
  • Jr./Sr. Discrepancies
  • Late Payments Misreporting
  • Divorce Decree Discrepancies
  • Forbearance or Deferment Errors

Debt Management

Debt Management remains a key element of our custom solution. Higher Score understands that properly advising consumers on how to address debt and how it impacts their financial success is a unique focal point of our tailored solution.


Understanding that positive, open, and active credit is critical element for healthy finances, Higher Score is prepared to guide the first-time homebuyer, individuals recovering from recent hardship, or an anyone who is new to finance. Advising and Navigating systems are core elements that give Higher Score users the advantage.


We believe not only in empowering individuals with proven methods for optimizing finances, but also in the sustainability of our client’s future. Higher Score has helped 1,000’s of referrals in stabilizing their finances and maintain them for their future endeavors.

Rapid Rescore

Higher Score’s commitment to assisting the clients of our mortgage and real estate professionals. We are honored to be able to help our clients swiftly achieve their goal of home loan qualification and will identify and execute on rapid rescore opportunities in conjunction with any mortgage team.

Continuing Education

Our nationally recognized presentation exposes secrets the big financial institutions don’t want the general public to know. Recognized in multiple states as a certified continuing education provider, our presentation has wowed the likes of many of the nations leading mortgage and real estate professionals. Our passion, expertise and insightfulness, gives a refreshing look at loan approval techniques.

Loan Officer Training

Over the past decade we have been sharing our cutting-edge methods for uniquely improving borrower’s profile with some of the most influential and powerful mortgage teams in America. As an entrusted industry partner we provide coaching and consulting for top-notch loan officers on the intricacies “referr” clients resulting in — Closing more loans.