Services To Be Performed And Fee

1. SERVICES. Higher Score shall provide an initial consultation to determine the Client’s credit education or servicing needs, and also offer follow up services involving comprehensive consultation for document preparation as requested by Client.

If Client chooses to engage Higher Score following the initial consultation, Higher Score will provide a comprehensive consultation that will consist of: (i) an introduction to Higher Score’s background and expertise, (ii) a question and answer session performed by Higher Score relating to the objective of the Client improving its credit and what they feel is the cause for their negative credit. (iii) an itemized discussion of negative items affecting their credit profile negatively. (iiii) a discussion with client regarding the validity, accuracy, and verifiability of aforementioned negative items. (v) collection and debt analysis, (vi) determination of document preparation necessary to correct ONLY questionable and erroneous credit items. Higher Score will produce and prepare documents containing ONLY truthful statements and those based on the testimony of the client.

After the Comprehensive Consultation Higher Score will prepare documents necessary to unique credit needs of client and will consist of: (i) credit bureau dispute letters, (ii) debt validation letters, (iii) creditor demand letters, (iiii) goodwill letters, (v) demand letters and any relevant document used to aid in achieving clients credit related goals. Higher Score will provide, in writing, an analysis of the comprehensive consultation consisting of an outline of documents prepared for mailing and suggestions for credit management and optimization.

Higher Score shall provide the initial consultation on a date and time mutually agreed upon by the parties, but not earlier than is allowed under applicable law. In the event that the Client engages Higher Score for its services related to providing a comprehensive consultation for document preparation, and Client provides all required information as set forth in Section 3 in order for Higher Score to ably perform such services, Higher Score estimates that it can deliver the agreed upon services to the consumer reporting agencies within 5 businesses or less from the date the Client requests such services. Client fee will NOT be collected until aforementioned comprehensive consultation is completed.

Upon completion of all agreed upon services, comprehensive consultation for document preparation; client has option to consult with Higher Score or request mailing of prepared documents for a period not to exceed 90 days. In accordance with applicable law, Client will not be charged any fees prior to full and complete performance of services agreed upon at each stage of the engagement. Accordingly, if Client chooses to engage Higher Score for an initial consultation for a one-time fee of $189.00 ($289.00 for couples), subject to discount, Client shall be charged the fee of $189.00 ($289.00 for couples), or other agreed upon amount, for the conclusion of the initial consultation. After completion of aforesaid consultation, Client is not obligated to retain Higher Score for any further services.

In the event the Client chooses to engage Higher Score thereafter to review and analyze the consumer credit reports of the Client that the Client provides (and any additional information provided by the Client) and to prepare and mail to consumer reporting agencies a monthly dispute notice to dispute erroneous and inaccurate items contained in the Client’s consumer credit reports, the Client shall be charged a monthly fee of $99.00 ($169.00 for couples) after the monthly dispute notice is sent.

The recurring month-to-month service will automatically renew unless and until a cancellation notice has been received. At this time, the Company will cease to provide any service to the Client and, accordingly, the Client will not be billed for any fees beyond the cancellation date. Thereafter, any additional services, such as additional dispute notices to the consumer reporting agencies, must be agreed upon by Client signing a new Client Agreement (“Recurring Client Services Agreement”).

To cancel client services, clients may call (888) 655-4268, e-mail, or send written notice to Higher Score, 2 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 100Littleton, Colorado 80120